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How Should I Be Taking Care Of My Skin In My 30’s?

A woman in her 30s with a well taken cared skin.

Now that you’re in your 30s, it’s time you should be more serious about taking care of your skin. During this period, your body starts to lose collagen causing dry, uneven, and saggy skin. You’ll also notice other visible signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and dark spots.

Below are some skincare tips to follow if you want to maintain your youthful glow and slow down skin aging:

1. Use a gentle cleanser. 

Wash your face day and night with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and make up. Avoid using strong cleansers as they may dry and damage your skin. Your skin is not as strong as when you’re in your 20s so choosing the right product is important to maintain healthy skin.

2. Moisturize daily.

Again, do this day and night. Our skin tends to become dry and dull as we age, so moisturizing will make it softer, plumper, and brighter. Look for products that contain hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

3. Wear sunscreen everyday.

Yes, everyday. Even when the weather forecast states that it’s going to be a cloudy day, put on sunscreen. Skipping on sun protection causes dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. And, sun damage is not easy to get combat in your 30s.

4. Get enough sleep.

7-8 hours of sleep daily is what you need to maintain your skin’s youthful glow. Getting enough rest triggers the production of collagen that plays a major role in your skin’s strength, elasticity, and hydration. So if you don’t want to get puffy eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles, you’d better make sleep as your priority.

TIP: Get yourself a satin or silk pillowcase. The fabric reduces the appearance of fine lines and it will absorb less moisture than other pillowcases made of cotton.

5. Invest in eye cream.

You should have done this earlier in your 20s, but it’s never too late to start using an eye cream. Never miss a day without it. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and is the first to show signs of aging. Unless you want to see puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines around your eyes, it’s time to invest in a good eye cream.

30s is the perfect time for a skincare upgrade.

Around 30 is the age when the first signs of aging start showing up. Look for skincare products with anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin CVitamin E, and Collagen to keep your skin firm, soft, and young-looking.

Being in your 30s means more responsibilities and busier days. There’s a lot going on in your life that sometimes you have little to no time to do a proper skincare routine.

Good thing there’s another way to take care of your skin, fast and effective.

Woman dropping Juju collagen effervescent tablet in a glass of water.

Juju Collagen + C is the new and innovative skincare product for busy people like you.

And a refreshing one, too!

In the form of effervescent tablets, Juju Collagen + C is the Miracle of Good Skin.

This is not your ordinary skin supplement.

The goodness of Collagen + Vitamin C, and more!

Drop one of these effervescent tablets in a glass of water and enjoy a delightful and quick collagen recharge anytime and anywhere.

It’s your ultimate, delightful berry-flavored skincare in a glass!

These benefits and more in one water-soluble, mixed-berry-flavored tablet:

✔️Reduce wrinkles
✔️Smoothen skin
✔️Lighten skin
✔️Maintain skin moisture
✔️Delay skin aging
✔️Eliminate toxins
✔️UV protection
✔️Replenish collagen
✔️Boost collagen production

All the skin-loving ingredients in one tablet:

✔️Fish Collagen
✔️Sodium Ascorbate
✔️Vitamin E
✔️Aloe Vera Extract
✔️Hyaluronic Acid
✔️Grape Seed Extract

It’s time to treat your skin better.

A glass of juju collagen prepared.

Join the others who already experienced the goodness of Juju Collagen + C.

Juju Collagen + C contains 500mg of small molecular collagen content and other water soluble ingredients for better absorption.

We want to make your skincare routine simple, fit for your busy life. That’s why we chose the most effective yet most convenient way of taking your collagen supplement — effervescent tablets.

No matter how hectic your schedule gets, there’s always an option to take care of your skin.


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